Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time do classes start?
8:00 am sharp.

2. If the class shows that it is full on the website is there still a chance that I can get in?
Yes, please email your name and daytime phone number with the date of your choice so we can reach you in case of a cancellation. MORE INFO

3. Can you contact me when dates are added to the schedule?
We get so many emails from people everyday that it is hard to email everyone when a new date is added. We post the date the very same day it becomes available. Please keep a check on the website for updates regularly. MORE INFO

4. Can I get a brochure on your schools and videos?
Yes please email us with your name and mailing address and we will be sure to get you some information out in the mail.

5. Does Professor Bailey travel to do private lessons?
Yes he does. Private lessons are very limited. To set a private lesson up you would need to contact us at   MORE INFO

6. Does Professor Bailey teach his classes himself?

7. Can we get our deposit back if there is an emergency?
Deposit is NON Refundable NON Transfurable. No exceptions. MORE INFO

8. How many pee wee classes do you have a year?
We usually have one each year. MORE INFO

9. Will we ride if it is raining?
Yes. The class will go on in rain or shine.

10. If my child is under the age of 18 do I have to be at the school with him?
Yes we ask that either a parent or legal guardian is with the child at the school. MORE INFO

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