Motocross racing in the United States today is so competitive, so demanding, that it isn't just a leisure time activity anymore. Top ranked riders regard the sport as scientific, and rely on only the most modern training techniques to succeed. That's where Gary Bailey comes in, the most renown instructor of motocross racing and off-road riding techniques in the world. His love of bikes started in the 50's. He started racing MX in the mid 60's and early 70's and became on of the early pioneers in the sport of motocross. Becoming the first American rider to beat the Europeans in Motocross Racing on July 4th, 1969.

MX Coaching offers state-of-the-art tutoring in what it takes to go fast and win races, but more importantly you learn to have more control and be a safer rider.

Riders are taught to go faster at Bailey's school through confidence and control... This is achieved though proper use of brakes, clutch and correct starting procedures, and by using the proper riding position.

" Without change, you can't be successful in motocross today, " said Gary. "The instruction I offer my students help some to build a base and for others to get the final techniques that will help to pick up valuable seconds on the track. Top riders today are constantly altering their techniques in order to stay competitive, and it's my job to study the top riders and their techniques and pass it on to my students. "


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