Retiring? The Professor is not retiring, He is Semi retiring, after 40 years Gary is going to focus on privates and special group classes. So he can have more time to pursue other opportunities. Watch for the limited schedule.

Personal Coaching

Professor Bailey is teaching a very limited number of group schools, but if you would like him to teach your group call (434) 770-2609.

To schedule a personal motocross coaching session at your track or ours by the half day, day, two day or week, please email or call (434) 770-2609.

One on One
One Rider $100 an hour
Two Riders $150 an Hour

For more information or to enroll, Please e-mail

As a reminder, Click here to check the racing schedule at
Lake Sugar Tree.

You might want to arrive early or stay an extra day or so and watch the races or enter your class and put your new skills to use in those week-end races!!!

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